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ChargePoint has been designing and building a charging network for electric vehicles since 2007. They have built the largest comprehensive and scalable electric charging network for businesses, giving you support anywhere, anytime. When you choose them, you get the best software, hardware and service that is future proofed!

The world of EV charging is now here!

Everyone knows it’s good for the planet, but it’s also good for business. While grant program money is available from Federal, State, Local and Utility Sources, the application process is quite daunting. EV projects, currently, are most likely too expensive for any business to carry on their own, but we are leading the way to making electric vehicle charging a reality for your business.

By joining forces with Westside Solutions and ChargePoint, we can offer many benefits to our clients:

  • Identifying funds available to you.
  • Writing a grant package to give you the best chance of securing available funds in a very competitive market.
  • Help with choosing and installing the best equipment for your needs.
  • Offering an easy and seamless site analysis process.
  • Providing additional revenue opportunity.

Incentive funding is not available for multiple sites in the same area which makes this a highly competitive and time sensitive process. We can give you the advantage of greatly increasing your chances of winning the incentive award over your competitor, making the possibility of being a green leader for your employees and customers a reality!

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